February 26, 2015

I spent tonight going through notes and working on my agenda, which should be forthcoming by Sunday, at the latest. Unfortunately, it appears that I will not be able to have my House of Cards marathon. >:/

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Setting a New Agenda

I plan on using this blog to chronicle my plans and progress at finishing my dissertation. This is mainly intended to keep myself honest. In the upcoming days, I intend to publish my agenda moving forward and invite my friends and family to help keep me accountable. If you are one of those and you are here, thank you! If you are not and you just happen to be interested in what I’m doing, you’re more than welcome as well.

If you notice that I have stopped publishing for more than a day or two, PLEASE YELL AT ME! Find me on Facebook, Twitter (crookedmargins), or text me if you know me.

PS – I just noticed that I happened to use the same name as James Cornford and Daniel Dorling. Apologies to them and I hope that they weren’t planning on making a blog on marginality in British elections using this name. 🙂

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This blog is intended to provide summary and analysis of the process of redistricting following the 2010 Census as well as the potential effects.

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